What You Need to Know About Dubai

19 July 2016

Essentials to know before visiting Dubai

Undisputedly, Dubai is the most popular Emirate in the UAE and is renowned for its iconic architecture. Monumental skyscrapers, opulent hotels and magnificent shopping malls have helped to redefine the landscape. This, coupled with the robust economy has made it a hub for dynamic and entrepreneurial business activity.  The Arab World's second largest economy, Dubai registered a growth in the volume of its non-oil trade to AED 319 billion at the end of March 2016, which clearly reflects it's resilience to the challenges of market fluctuations and global recession. 

Dubai has successfully altered the concept of modern, cosmopolitan and upscale urban hubs; creating a unique destination that through fantastic infrastructure and exceptional hospitality is able to link the East and the West together.  However, it remains a remarkably different destination from its Western counterparts. Therefore, it becomes all the more vital to have a better understanding of the city in order to have all the necessary knowledge to make sure no business opportunities are missed.


Cultural yet Contemporary

Dubai has managed to create the best of the both worlds; whilst it takes great pride in its Arabic and Islamic roots, it is effortlessly modern with over more than 200 nationalities harmoniously co-existing together. The city is dotted with some of the best hotels, resorts and clubs, which all boast high international standards and a perfect place for foreigners and locals to socialize.


Plan Ahead and Make Reservations

Dubai is a bustling city with announcements of new hotels and restaurants being made nearly everyday. However, there is always a demand for popular, high-end business hotspots. In case you plan to have a corporate lunch or dinner, it is advisable to make a reservation ahead of schedule as the top restaurants are quick to fill up.


World Cuisine to Explore

Thanks to its cosmopolitan population, you are sure to get treated to a medley of flavours.  Anything from an authentic local spread to the most exotic international fare… the possibilities are almost endless. For those who want an exclusive dining experience, you can book a table at one of the many well-known, upscale and luxurious hotels and resorts. For those of you, who want to experience a more traditional offering, you can venture to one of the Emirati restaurants.


Air-conditioned Cabs

Taxis in Dubai are available for almost half the cost of their counterparts in London and other popular cities, making them the most convenient yet affordable way to explore the Emirate. Sit back and enjoy the view without getting distressed about spending a fortune on cabs.  


Business Opportunities

Known as the UAE's most prosperous Emirate, Dubai offers abundant business opportunities. It recorded a 17 per cent surge in issuing new business licenses in 2015. Dubai also continues to attract international ventures to its economic free zones, where foreigners can enjoy a 100 per cent ownership of their business without giving a 52 per cent stake to a local partner. Moreover, an exemption from corporate or income taxes for 50 years to businesses has attracted several multinational technology giants such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft to set up their regional offices in Dubai.

Dubai continues to lure foreign businesses and enterprises to establish a local and regional presence by offering lucrative opportunities to them. With sufficient understanding of the city's social norms and economic policies, entrepreneurs and investors can easily set up their businesses here to fast track their success, growth and longevity.