About Dubai

As the host city for Expo 2020, Dubai is the place to be for commercial, cultural and consumer purposes. As one of the top commercial hubs in the world, Dubai is not only strategically placed at the crossroads of three continents; it is also set to be home to 7.9 million people by 2020. Culturally, Dubai is one of the more diverse cosmopolitan cities in the world with state of the art facilities for cultural development melded with the tradition and heritage of a pillar Arab country. Shopping and leisure a big attraction for surrounding Middle Eastern countries as well as international tourists.

Moreover the financially stable economy that resonates with Dubai means that more and more businesses are setting up companies on our shores. From multi-national conglomerates to start-up enterprises, there are thousands of successful businesses offering services, trades and products across the region and hundreds of those companies are situated in the Dubai Airport Freezone. DAFZA allows overseas companies access to a market of outstanding potential, in a wide range of sectors. ​


About Dubai For Businesses in Dubai

In Dubai there are a myriad of ways you can connect with your market, potential clients, business partners, and customers. In terms of business, the many trade and commercial exhibitions also provide outstanding opportunities to expand your business network throughout the year. These industry events, which attract local and foreign attention, offer fantastic venues in unrivalled exhibition spaces, which is perfect for business development.

If, however, your business lends itself to being conducted in a more informal setting, there’s nowhere better than Dubai. There are several world-class golf courses to discuss tactics, five-star restaurants to dine with clients and five-star hotels equipped with meeting rooms as well.

The city also has a reputation for being a well-rounded market, with exceptional office and residential accommodation, first-class schools, medical facilities and amenities, a highly efficient transport infrastructure and the all-important tax concessions, which is prevalent across all sectors including the free zones.


What is a UAE Free Zone?

Free zones are areas around Dubai, which offer foreign businesses the opportunity to set up a new operation in the bustling hub quickly and easily. There are no income taxes, federal taxes or corporate taxes in a free zone and you do not need a local business partner in order to create a business entity either.

Generally, local laws and taxes hinder moving your business to a foreign country. However in Dubai a free zone removes these obstacles and leaves you free to do business in a world-class environment with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and thriving economy, which offers you the market access and amenities critical to success.


Dubai's Industries

Businesses within the service industry account for 50.4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) across the UAE, but they’re not the only businesses that flourish here. The tourism industry, banking, medicine, engineering, construction, gold and diamond trade, shipping, media, IT and retail are key industries across the region. So whether your business fits into this industry, or an up-and-coming industry, there is a free zone designed to support your needs. For information on which industries DAFZA supports view our Business Setup.